Grey-necked Rail

This Gray-Necked Rail is just catching the first sunlight of the morning deep in the Costa Rican jungle. A very timid bird that keeps its distance and stays generally in the dark.

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Iso-1000, 300 mm F4 PF at F7 .1, 1250th, fill flash not used, handheld, 90% of full frame, DxO Photo Lab, Adobe Camera Raw 11.2, Topaz AI Clear, Topaz Adjust, TK sharpening action at 5%.

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Oh wow, David. In the perfect world, that green stem is not intersecting with the head that way. I would consider cloning out the bright green on the left edge of the frame.

I struggled with the stem a little bit but it is an integral part of the environment of this bird. Yeah I could have cloned it out or darkened it but I’m only willing to go so far with environmentally themed images.

David, I think you have done a great job on the stem, too. I have to clarify that what I have in mind to clone out is a green reflection on the left edge. Not the stem itself.

Yup, I thought about those two areas of Greenleaf reflection on the left middle part of the frame. Yeah they do kind of grab the eye a little bit and I would remove them.

So here is the repost with the changes and a few others that I made. Thanks for being another set of eyes Adhika.

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I love the slanted log and the dappled light on the bird, David. You’ve really captured the feel of the habitat in this one. Yes, a bit of a head turn would have been nice, but it’s still a very beautiful image as posted.

This is really nice. I rail shows nice color and detail, but I also like the environmental aspect. I find both the log and foliage interesting additions and the bird ties it all together to produce a pleasing image. I must confess, that I don’t see much difference between the two images.