Although the dates are covered by the tree are not visible, the nearby head stones show dates of death in late 1890s and early 1900s.

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5D IV; 24/70 @40; ISO 640; 1/250th; 7.1; WB: auto

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Nice find. In my years of cemetery work I always liked finding scenes like this - reminded me of the Kite-eating that tormented Charlie Brown. Nature takes back.

Since I don’t have the color version of this, I won’t try an edit suggestion, but here it is. If the stone itself is quite blue, you could mess with the color slider and see if you could darken it down a little and also lighten the surrounding wood. That way it would stand out a bit clearer. Or if the stone doesn’t have a lot of blue, find a way to separate it just a little from the tree. Not too much because the subsuming is the thing on display here.

Jim, this is a great, very gnarly tree bottom. You’ve got a fine mix of shapes and textures. The bit of headstone peeking out is an outstanding addition, that adds an entire new chapter to the story shown here. I think a bit of burning-in along the top edge would be good. Then if you wanted to let the headstone draw a bit more attention, your could lightly dodge it. As presented, it makes a neat surprise.

@Kris_Smith @Mark_Seaver Thank you for the comments and suggestions.