Guarding the Crown Jewels

I went out to our local preserve yesterday morning early to try to get some frost images. After things pretty much thawed I was headed back to the car when i spotted this spider.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Anything. There were some bright out-of-focus background areas that I burned. Hopefully they’re not too evident…

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does this composition work?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

5DIII, eos 180mm f/3.5 macro, tripod with ball head, f/22, 1/320, iso 2000, manual exposure, 2 sec timer. Processed in LR & PS CC. Cropped to 5000x3832 before resizing. Taken at 8:38 am under sunny skies.

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What a shot, Dennis! Excellent details in the spider, but the dew drops on the web, with nice reflections is really a bonus.

What a cool shot! Your techs seem perfect with a nice OOF background and sharp water droplets and spider. I’m curious how you arrived at them. I probably would have dropped the f-stop in order to limit the ISO and noise (which you don’t have). So is that simply that the full frame is that much better than the 7DII for limiting noise?

The 5dIII is better for noise, but I did do noise reduction as well. There was a very light breeze, so I didn’t want to bring the shutter speed down too far.

Oh man, this is very cool! A great nature shot, well composed.

Dennis: A great find and even better capture. Really good result. :+1::+1:>=))>

Dennis, this is a beauty. The sharpness and pop of both the spider and the drops are outstanding. The background looks fine.