Guarding the nest

This is actually how I found the spider in the first image I posted and I have a feeling I disturbed her a bit causing her to move into the other position later. In many ways, I like this a bit better. I think it shows the construction of the “cave” that was made from the leaf with webbing to shelter the egg sack better, and the pose is probably a bit more natural with her watching the eggs.

Specific Feedback Requested

The texture on the egg sac was a bit blown out and I tried to restore it while still keeping it white. Does it look natural? Also tried to be less heavy with the contrast on this but still show the depth of the nest. Is it fine like this?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Canon EOS 6D, Tamron SP90 macro + Raynox DCR-250, Diffused flash @ f/13, 1/160s, ISO 400, handheld. 6 image stack computed in Zerene stacker (PMax). This is probably my first reasonably successful attempt at a handheld stack.


Ingemar, I also like this one better than the other one. Both are excellent shots of this spider, but I think the position of her in this one seems better. I love how her front legs come together in front of her. The cave is more obvious here as well, and the out of focus adnominal is not an issue. The colors and contrast look fine to me. Excellent shot.

I too like this one more. The protective pose and slightly more even tone distribution appeals to me more. It’s a beautiful animal, and your colors in both shots are fantastic.

She is lovely. Crab spiders are pretty crafty with their silk; bending leaves and sometimes flower petals to make shelters or hides from which to spring on unwary pollinators. I have a shot of one in a hide from about 10 years ago.

This pose and attitude is wonderful. So many people fear spiders and don’t understand how many interesting and “human” characteristics they have. Like this one protecting her future offspring. Wonderful job. Keep 'em coming!

Amazing another look at this beauty. Love the dof you have achieved. spot on …

Balan Vinod