Guđbjörg Sigurđardóttir

Another one from my collection of ship prows, also from Reykjavik harbor. You can only see fragments of the ship’s name, so I used it as the image title. It may be the name of the skipper’s daughter or wife. The skipper himself was very friendly and gave me conversation from the foredeck. I waited until the pleasantries were over and then fired away.

Leica Vario Elmar 35-70mm, Sony A7R, ISO 200, about 40% of the original image, gentle processing in CaptureOne.

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Stunning color Alberto.

Excellent color and reflections. Iceland is a wonderful place to take pictures of boats. You were so lucky to have a sunny day to bring out the colors of the harbor.

Thank you Eva & David. I feel it is more a question of statistics rather than luck - this was my fourth visit to Iceland…how cannot one love such a beautiful place with such warm and friendly people?