Hang out to dry

On a pile about 100 meters from shore

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 160, 100 plus 1.4x, f5, 2000th, A1, 20% full frame]


Awesome capture, David! I love it when they’re drying their wings!

That is a great shot, David. I’ve tried for something similar in the past but never caught it. I also like how the pilon and bird are a bit off center, looking into the frame. Nicely positioned.

A very artsy looking piling created by the birds, David. I like the composition with the bird at the top of the long piling. Excellent detail for that kind of distance.

Hi David. I like how the vertical wood grain in the piling kind of continues into the bird, with its vertical lines of feathers! Super shot!