Happy Feet

A happy chimpanzee was dangling his feet while he was sitting on a branch right in front of me.

Kibale Forest, Uganda.


Ingrid, that’s a perfect title for a delightfully funny capture. Can’t help but love it.:rofl:

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Thanks, Bill, the title came up in my mind before I took the photo :slight_smile:

Love it and the idea :grinning:

Very witty image Ingrid and instantly likable. As an aside - how safe is it working around chimps - can they be aggressive and do you know a lot about their behaviour before you decide to photograph them as near as this?

Inquisitive image, that can be interpreted in many ways !
Cheers !

Thank you Jaap, for your appreciation!

Hello Ismar, these chimpansees have been habituated, which means that they have gone through the full process of being followed for several years by trackers and researchers to study their behaviour and make them used to people. This purely through the trackers and researchers being present. Eventually (after a couple of years) the chimpansees allow close human presence and that is when tourists and photographers are taken to their community. The chimpansees know the guides and trackers that accompany the tourists well so they are at ease. In case of any misbehaviour (of either chimps or humans!) the guides and/or trackers interfere immediately. So it’s as safe as can be.
As an aside from me - the money that is provided by the tourists who want to visit the chimpansees is what is funding this whole research and protection program. Thanks to the fact that many chimpansees (also the ones still undergoing the habituation process) are being followed from sunrise until sunset every day, they are still alive. Being an endangered species, they need all the help they can get to ensure their survival.
Thanks for your comment and appreciation!

Thanks for your appreciation, Jagdeep!

Reads to me like a horror show, their simple need is to be left alone.
Thanks for posting.

It is no such thing at all. The chimpanzees are at ease. You would know if you saw it.
Left alone, they would probably be extinct by now.