Happy to Be Back

Hello, I’m Merle Cook and I was an NPN member several years ago when I lived in Missouri. Then life got busy and I now live in Wisconsin and want to once again become involved. I shoot mostly landscapes and nature, but sometimes wander off into whatever is around at the time. This shot is from Big Muskie Lake in Northern Wisconsin as the sunset caught the rain streaks.


Hi Merle and welcome back! Beautiful first post. Great cloud formation and color. Lovely scene. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your thoughts on the work of others. Hope you are staying warm through that wicked cold snap up your way.

in Vilas county?

Welcome back!! I’m in Lincoln county and love it here in the Northwoods. Well, except that it was 25 below zero when I got up today. Finally enough snow to play in and it’s too cold!!

Beauty of an image.

Thanks Harley. It’s good to be back and I’m looking forward to participating in the group.

Yes Kristen, it is in Vilas County. We live in Sun Prairie, but rented a house on the lake last year and thoroughly enjoyed a week of peace and quiet. We were much warmer at only -17 this morning. Spring is just around the corner !!!