Harriers in the mist

This was taken from an open car window. Very foggy morning at a southwestern Washington wildlife refuge. This harrier came out of nowhere. I specifically planned this trip to be at the refuge on a very cold morning but was not counting on the amount of fog. I still think it created an interesting image.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 1600, 400+ 2X, F6 .3, 1000th, A7r4

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I like this very much. The fog adds a lot to the mood of the image. Love the comp with enough detail even through the fog to make it work.

I love this! The colours are beautiful and the softness in the background is great. I can still tell it is over an open field/marsh which I like as part of the story; it looks very natural. I think the details of the bird are fine. I find foggy mornings very challenging to get anything this good.
Well done!

As with Robena, I, too, find getting good shots on foggy days (of which we have, and continue to have, many) very difficult. You have found the answer with this excellent one. Great positioning of the Harrier, too.

Great position of the bird. You reacted well to get this shot, as harriers can move fast and not in a straight line! The brown hues of the fog and vegetation match the harrier very well.

The fog makes this a perfect shot, David. Great catch!

Wonderful image in difficult conditions! Well done!

David, nice work here. It’s hard to think of a better subject for the setting, and not just because of the brown plumage of a female harrier. Their somewhat elusive nature (I find them usually turning away from me before they get in range of my lens) makes them a bit ghost-like in my book… quite appropriate for this gloomy atmosphere.

Very nice! Bird is sharp with nice head angle, I might give a bit more contrast to the FG grasses just to punch the image up a bit.

Really like this image, David. The fog makes for a great background and the colors work well with the harrier.