Hawaii...Beautiful Beaches & Feral Chickens!

Canon EOS 700D
EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM

1/50th, f/9, ISO 400, 170mm

While on Oahu, I had the opportunity to photograph a few different types of birds. On this occasion, we’d just eaten at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (great wings!) and I happened to notice this ‘bird’ and some others. So I stopped and photographed it. A Feral Chicken…they are all over the island.

Ok, I realize I shot at 1/50th sec and I could have gone a lot higher. So some indication of movement in the legs. I even yelled ‘FREEZE’ at this guy and he paid no attention.

I hope this helps you appreciate Hawaii even more. I would appreciate your thoughts, you will NOT hurt my feelings. So good or not, please let me know!

Enjoy and eat lots of chicken!


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I’m enjoying the lifted leg look here. Exposure is okay although you do have some motion blur in the raised foot. I think this picture would benefit most from some more space on the bottom and less on the top or a more uniform background; crop just a hair above the tail feathers, and then re-crop with a content aware fill to make the background uniform and green. These chickens are everywhere on many of the islands.

Oh, Lord…the chickens! :crazy_face:
Most are beautiful, healthy, and very abundant, but it took us a week to get used to the incessant crowing at 5 am… on the other hand, a big help in getting up early for the best light.
Pretty bird, nice detail, and you’re right - a higher SS and ISO as well would have frozen that leg.
Still a nice image.

Great pose and the detail is pretty good for that shutter speed, Jim. Most places, I’d say this belongs in Human and Fauna as a domestic gone wild, but they were brought to the islands by the original Polynesian settlers, so they’ve been there longer than most people, so I guess it makes them natives by now. I think you could have zoomed out just a bit more to make room for the invisible foot, but other than that, I like it.