Haystack Reservoir Sunset Cruise

This version brings some hue into the framing juniper branches.

This is the original image

It was a pretty nice sunset, and this pair of pelicans was content to paddle around just seeing the scenery. After a little while, the swifts and then the nighthawks came out.

Specific Feedback Requested

All suggestions very welcome … lighting OK? If had thought to make a brighter exposure to capture a little color in the junipers, that might have been a plus, as I probably could have replaced the dark foliage with a little color.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
5DIII ef24-105 f4/L @ 75mm 1/100 f/18. Tripod

Hm…there’s a lot going on here and maybe that’s the issue. The mountain, the birds, the light itself and the color…then there’s the very dark foliage around it. Not sure that does it any favors. Hard to avoid though and I’ve had my issues trying to make a frame of it, too. I think the overhead branch would work, but you’d have needed to step into the frame and closer to the water.

@Kris_Smith , I don’t typically mind a lot going on, as long as the viewer’s eye can travel around the scene with ease. By running this single image through HDR at two levels of exposure, I was able to regain some hue in the dark juniper branches in the re-post.