Heavenly Pond

A multiple photo stitched panorama of a peaceful pond at the top of Thompson Pass near Valdez, Alaska. It was actually a beautiful sunny , blue sky day but there was a good breeze and the ground fog was passing through the area steadily. I was standing at the edge of the pond and wanted to capture as much of the scene as possible, including the sunlight where the fog was open and the distant mountain peaks so I shot vertical photos and stitched them. This is another very old image shot with a fixed lens, 5 mp Sony camera.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Sony DSC-F707, multiple vertical images stitched with AutoPano Pro (EXIF data was not saved in the stitched image).


Very serene Gary. I can see why you’d want to capture as much as you did. I think the right hand side of the image is stronger than the left side but that’s the nature of this scene. It’s definitely incredibly serene. You captured some magical light and mood.

Gary, the mixed lighting and the quiet pond do look peaceful. The distant peaks peeking through are a great addition.