Hello again

Hello everyone,

My name is Edwin Kats form the Netherlands. I’ve not been visiting this place for a couple of years now for different reasons. I love the new look and features. I won a lifetime membership twice in the past and it is good to see that NPN has kept his word :slight_smile: I will do my best to participate in both the showcase and critique categories.

with kind greetings,

Edwin Kats

Edwin, glad you’ve found your way back and hopefully you can return to being active here once again…:sunglasses:

Welcome back Edwin, looking forward to see what you post!

Edwin, welcome back to the new NPN 2.0. Looking forward to some images and participation in the galleries and forums!


Welcome back, Edwin. Looking forward to seeing your work again.

Welcome back, Edwin. I’m glad to see you here again.

Welcome back, Edwin. I remember you well, and look forward to seeing your new work.

Hi Bill, trust all is well. Nice ‘seeing’ you again.