Hello Everyone!

I am interested in all parts of nature. I like to photograph flowers, landscapes and birds. I live in Toronto Canada and I hope to contribute and learn as much as I can in this community of photographers.

Welcome to NPN, Anna. It is good to read about your enthusiasm for nature photography by sharing this beautiful photograph in your introduction. You will find this a very welcoming community.

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Hello Anna and welcome to the NPN community. This is a very fine looking raptor. We have quite a few avian photographers on this site and the collection of their work is as good as it gets for variety and quality overall… :sunglasses:

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Anna, welcome to NPN. So glad you found us and I hope you enjoy it ever as much as I have. It is a great community of photographers, and we are all learning from each other. Nice Shot! Looking forward to many more.

Hi and welcome to NPN - glad you found us and I hope that we’ll be your favorite photography community online. I think of it as a workshop that never ends. Your opening photo is so dynamic - I stink at birds in flight so am also turning a little green.

Thank you for the welcome Kristen. Looking forward to sharing photos and learning from the best in nature photography. As for the Raptor, I just started shooting birds and I was lucky to get this shot. I usually find it very difficult to capture birds in flight.

Thank you Shirley. I am excited to be a part of this community. I am very interested in macro photography as well. Just got a 100mm macro lens for my canon and I am finding it a challenge to use. Any resources / chats that you would suggest?

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Hi Anna and welcome to NPN. That sure is one beautiful bird, and very nicely portrayed too! I love to photograph animals too but rarely having the time and patience for wildlife, it’s rare these days, and I don’t have the lenses needed for birds. Luckily, I can enjoy the work of those much better at it than myself…! :wink:

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from you, and in all genres you enjoy shooting!

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Hi Anna and welcome to NPN! :slight_smile:

What a terrific first post!

I’ll just add that my few short months here have been uplifting for me, it’s a wonderful community of very kind, experienced and talented photographers and I’m glad that I joined. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy it here too!

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to NPN! Great to have you here!

We look forward to wonderful images as well as your participation in the comments and critiques.

Don’t be shy. Welcome!