Hello, I am Jorgen

I live in Sandia Park, close to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. I mostly photograph birds but also like to photograph other wild life and landscapes. I hope to get inspiration through NPN and connect with other photographers.


Hi Jorgen, welcome to NPN! It’s awesome having you here. That’s a beautiful kingfisher image. They are not easy to photograph.

Let me know if you have any questions navigating NPN. We have a great and supportive community here. Looking forward to seeing your work and feedback on images when you are comfortable.

@Jorgen_Hog , welcome and enjoy easing on in, or just jump if you want. The site works well once your learn the ways around and the comments and images shared are fabulous, just like this one of your’s. Thanks.

Welcome! Your kingfisher is a great introduction to you and your work. I still feel relatively new to NPN and have felt welcome and supported. There is lots of inspiration and education too. Hope you find it useful here.

Welcome to NPN, Jorgen. I know you’ll find this a wonderful place to visit and contribute. The Kingfisher is awesome. They are so skittish where I go, I never get a chance to get them in the view finder.

Welcome again.

Hello and welcome to NPN and congratulations on being patient enough to wait for this bird. Whenever I see them I’m too in a rush and should just wait for them to come back since they all have favorite perches. I hope you settle in and this becomes your photography home on the internet.

Hi Jorgen! Welcome to the NPN community! Very nice shot of the kingfisher! They are a lot of fun to watch but hard to photograph. I’m looking forward to more of your images and your participation in the community. Welcome!

Welcome to NPN Jorgen! Fabulous image! We look forward to more and your participation in the forums and galleries!

Welcome aboard!

Jorgen, welcome to NPN. This is a great place to be to grow and evolve as a photographer by getting comments on posted images but also by giving comments on other members images. I like a lot the appearance of the bird in your image!