Here knows when

There is no road on the other side of this barn so I had to make do shooting it from the back and far away. The house just to the left is surrounded by trees. Looks as though the field still sees regular use even if the barn might not.

It’s a typical northern Wisconsin scene and sometimes the conditions are the perfect echo to how it felt at the time. It was freezing, windy and pretty bleak. Sure the field is harvested, but the stubble portrays a scene of waste and ill use for some reason.

Specific Feedback Requested

Ideas, impressions and suggestions welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld on the side of the road

Processed in Luminar with a preset most likely. I wanted a washed out look and I think it suits the location and the overall vibe. I adjusted it some in Lightroom to add back some contrast I thought was missing. Then I had to get rid of some distracting tech elements in Photoshop.


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Great look at this old barn. I took a couple liberties on your original, cloning out a couple of things on the left and making the sky more foreboding. Just a little different mood. I quite like this.

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It certainly is. Crossing from bleak to foreboding. Thanks for taking the time. It’s fascinating what others see in our work, isn’t it?

Kris, another fine shot. I like the rows going perpendicular up the scene. The structure would make a wonderful study all on it’s own. Too bad you couldn’t get closer. I’m on the fence about Harley’s darkening of the sky, but do like the cloning he did. Makes the structure stand out. I like your processing of this.

Kris, this is a great image! I like it very much. @Harley_Goldman´s adjustments inspired me to make a B&W filmic variant.

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I’ve lived in the Midwest and this image captures the mood of a cold, bleak winter day perfectly. I love the lines from the plowed field leading into the horizon and the soft tones.

I love this bleak and drab wintry scene Kristen. The pale colors do conjur feelings of stillness and not a lot of life! (But, “there’s life in the ground”, to coin a lyric).

I like the removal of the bright spots on the far left horizon.

As you said, it is interesting what people see in an image. This goes to @Igor_Doncov ’s post of the Hopper video…what Story did you intend and what do each of us see!

By the way, your title is as intriguing and captivating as this image.

Oops let this one fall through the cracks.

Nice to have other ways to see this scene - sometimes I get stuck.