Here's a slow one

This time of year I start jonesing for some color and for mushroom season that seems like it will never come again. I’ve been processing some older images that slipped through the developing cracks with some new-found Ps skill as well as my Lr process. This is one from last year - a group of orange mycena that I found on a downed hemlock tree in a section of old growth forest here in Wisconsin. Yup, there are remnants here and there and I love them for their rich diversity of mushrooms.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback will do. It’s a weird crop for me, but I like the tension it creates. At least I think it does.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix G9
Leica DG Macro 45mm f/2.8
f/7.1 | 1/8 sec | ISO 200

Lr for wb adjustment, texture & clarity. Cropped distracting slice of bokeh bg. Sharpened and NR as needed. Brought into Ps for Smart sharpen and a quick mask to bring up a soft glow in the mushrooms themselves.


Beautiful colors and details in the mushrooms, Kristen. Also really like how the greenish lichen on the tree bark compliments the yellow/orange mushrooms. Not sure what you’re unsure of about the crop, works ok for me. If I was to do anything, I would crop to off center the mushroom group just a bit more. Very nicely seen and captured.

Thanks @linda_mellor - I like the lichen, too. Instead of crop, I should have said aspect ratio - it’s not one I choose often. Went back and forth about moving the grouping more to the center, but ended up here.

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Kristen, I really love this shot. Looking up under these bright colored mushrooms, and seeing their underside is a treat to me. Those little tiny ones on the right is a nice addition, in my opinion, adding to the story. I too like the lichen on the bark. I think the aspect ratio works well. So glad you went back into your archives and found this one. Nice shot.

Thanks Shirley. I can barely pass by a mushroom without photographing it. Never try to hike with me. The little ones were hard to see w/the naked eye, but when I saw them in Lr it was a treat. So cute.

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Kristen: Really nice find and a solid capture. Compositionally I might like a bit more room on top and less on the bottom but then you would lose some of that wonderful green lichen. Final verdict: Just fine as presented. Well done. >=))>

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Thanks, Bill. Lichen is becoming a new fascination for me, too.

Kristen, the orange “shrooms” look great. I especially like the tiny ones hiding near the subject. The touches of green lichen make a fine color foil. Your comp. looks good.

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