Herringbone alfalfa

On vacation, I drove by this field a few years when it was more or less in this shape. This year, it was fine and I grabbed this image. Because it is all about lines, I went with BW, but in color, the green and gold were pretty effective also, but the blue sky was a bit much. To some viewers, it might be a bit monotonically graphic, so I added some cloud shadows in the second version. The shadows provide a leading line toward the horizon, but I like the graphic version better…
Bruneau, Idaho

Specific Feedback Requested

ALL comments very welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/100 Canon 24-105 f4
enhanced color differentiation within the green and straw rows with LAB MMM.
LR for essentials, most work in Photoshop

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The first version for me. Excellent photo.

Great lines! The first version is the ticket for me, as well. The B&W works excellent here.

Dick, I’m going against the grain with this one so far. I like the second version that has the darker cloud shadows. It just looks more real to to me. The first version has lots of clouds but no ground shadows. Maybe dodge the shadows a little bit so they are not so strong but it just looks more natural to me. Excellent image by the way. I just love the geometric patterns laid out in this image. The grouping of trees and even the telephone poles all add to the story. Love it!

Great image. I Iike the first one best, it is all about the graphic impression.

Maybe I have tried to crop away some of the sky to even more emphasize the lines.

Really beautiful photo! I like the first one the best. It looks more realistic. The second one looks too dark with the added cloud shadows. Those clouds look way too high in the sky and wispy to form that kind of shadow on the ground, just in my experience with clouds. :slight_smile:

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The first image all the way, it’s not even close. The first image looks like the moment I would have tripped the shutter after having waited a while for the shadows in the second one to disappear :grin:.

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I agree with you on the potential to crop out some clouds. Here is a 16x9 aspect. I tried full pano, but the clouds seemed too far above the trees.

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I very much like the patterns that are enhanced with monochrome. However, I think the real story here are the alpha windrows, and the sky pulls the viewer away from that.

I like your crop very much, Tony. Thanks for offering it. I think it will be my favorite version of the scene.