Hey, Brett, from the Tampa, Florida Area

You may see me as Lanis on here, but go by Brett.

I’m pretty much a photography generalist, but do gravitate to nature mostly.

Looking forward to seeing what this site offers. :slight_smile:

Hi Brett, so glad that you found us, and welcome to NPN. I find this site to be a really great community of photographers at all levels, and I, for one, have grown in my skills of photography since I have been here. Still have a ways to go, but I am so thankful that I found this site. Looking forward to seeing your images, and reading your comments and critiques of other’s images. Again, welcome.

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Hi Brett. Welcome aboard. I think you will find NPN a very friendly and quite helpful place. You will find more activity and response in the critique forums and you will get more feedback the more you comment on the work of others, or so I have found. I have met many close friends here over the years and it certainly has helped my photo skills.