Hey, I'm Steve. Greetings from Georgia!

I’ve been checking NPN out for a while, laying low and just enjoying the image critiques and Ask Me Anything, and now I’m ready to jump in and join the community!

I’m an aquatic biologist - dare I say an ichthyologist - and environmental consultant living in metro Atlanta. I get really excited about making images of streams, mountains, forests, landscapes, intimate scenes, coastal areas, and nature in general. I especially enjoy photo trips to the Smoky Mountains with my club, the Georgia Nature Photographers Association. This image is from one of those trips. I call it Wonderland for what I was feeling but also to recall the Wonderland Hotel, which once attracted tourists nearby in the early 1900s.

By joining the NPN community, I look forward to gaining exposure to the art and ideas of others, learning about new ways to see, and becoming more personally expressive through my own nature photography.



Hi Steve, Welcome to NPN. I love this image and look forward to seeing more of your work. This is the best site on the internet to grow as a photographer. I would encourage you to offer critiques as well as posting your own work. Best wishes, Allen.

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Thanks, Allen!

Welcome to NPN, Steve. It is great that you say you are now ready to jump in. I hope you share more of your beautiful work and also your expertise with this very friendly community.

Welcome to NPN, it is a great place to be to grow and evolve as a photographer getting and giving comments on images. I like a lot your first posting, looking forward to see more of your images!

Hi Steve, and welcome to NPN! I love this shot - it has so much depth, and I forward to seeing more of your work and to your input on other images. If you have any troubles or questions about the site don’t hesitate to reach out!

BTW, I’m also working towards creating more expressive photography myself. :slight_smile:

Welcome to NPN, Steve (or should I say welcome to posting?). I’m looking forward to seeing more of your vision from your part of the world. As others said, don’t be shy about commenting on others work - it’s a great way to learn.

Do you ever listen to the F Stop Collaborate and Listen podcast by @Matt_Payne? You might find his latest episode (#303), featuring photographer/ecologist Sigfrido Zimmerman, interesting.

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Thanks, Bonnie, I’m so happy to be here! As a matter of fact I do listen to Matt’s podcast and enjoy it very much. I started listening during my pandemic walks in 2020 and first learned about NPN through Matt. I’ll be looking forward to his latest episode this weekend!



Heck of a introductory image. I can get a sense of the cold in your image, well done.


Welcome to NPN @Steve_Layman. That’s a beautiful image. I am firmly convinced that the streams of GSMNP are among the most beautiful on the planet. You’ve really done the place justice!

Welcome to NPN, Steve, love the image here. Keep em’ coming!


Thanks, Matt!

Jumping in a little late here since I was in northern Minnesota at a workshop for a few days. Welcome to NPN. As you’ve been lurking a while you know that we are a varied group with a lot of different interests and skill sets, but united by our love of nature and desire to photograph it well. I am a river and stream junkie so was immediately drawn to your opening photo. Super composition the way the trees drape and frame the farther part of the scene. That touch of frost is great for bringing definition to the branches. Since there’s no snow or ice, it doesn’t say cold to me, but it is peaceful and inviting.

Thanks, Kristen, for the greeting and nice comments. We don’t get much snow down this way, so you take advantage of every bit of frost and light dustings that you can! I’m happy to be joining this community!

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