Hi Everyone, I am Gina Dias

I am a nature photographer for San Jose, CA. I have been photographing for over 10 years. I have become more focused on my photography in the past 5 years. I am semi retired. I have been concentrating on my composition and post processing my images. I feel that I need more feedback on my images which is why I joined NPN.


Hello Gina and welcome to the NPN community of photographers. It sounds like you’ve been photographing for some time now. This is a very fine image you’ve posted. I was not sure if this was beach or desert sand dunes, regardless, seems like a very mellowing scene to me… :sunglasses:

Hi Gina,

Welcome to NPN! You’ve found a great community of photographers; we’re all still learning regardless of our years of experience, new to photography, or an experienced Pro. Don’t be shy and jump right in and post an image in one of the critique galleries for feedback. We also have a brand new section called “Beginners Feedback” - which btw doesn’t necessarily mean being a beginning photographer, but a new member to the site who might want to break in to the critiques a little more gently.

I checked out your images on your site and your wildlife and avian images are outstanding, so clearly not a beginner, but hopefully you get my point about starting in the category to get your feet wet so to speak on the critiquing process - including providing feedback to others.

Also, I noticed you selling some notecards and such online as well. I bring this up because there was another new member looking to do things like this. Maybe you both could have an exchange? Check out this question and exchange by another new member Lynette

So much for a quick reply to your intro! Great to have you here. Let us know if you have any questions. And like I said, don’t be shy! Oh, and we’re practically neighbors - I’m just up the road in Livermore! We have a number of NPN members in the Bay Area.


HI Lon,
Thank you for the warm welcome, much appreciated…I do consider myself a beginner as I starting to ask for feedback on my images. I was going to ask the beginners group, what is considered a beginner. Thanks for answering that, I will definitely jump in and ask for feedback.

Thank you also for the wonderful review and feedback of my images on my site.

Yes we are neighbors. This is wonderful to hear there are a good number on the NPN site.


HI Paul,
Thank you for the welcome.

Yes the image is from Death Valley. I was trying to capture the feeling of calm and peace in the desert. I am struggling with the colors of the image, so I will send the image over to the critique gallery for the some feedback.

Nice to "meet: you Paul.


Hi Gina,
Welcome to NPN!
That is a very nice first image. I love those abstract dune shots.

I think you’ve come to the right place.

I have not been around that long myself, but I really enjoy this lovely community. I hope you will, too.


Hi Gina, and welcome to NPN. For me this has been a great place to be to grow and evolve as a photographer. Hope you will also find it to be. A good image, looking forward to see more of your images.

Gina, that is a good idea to try the critique gallery. I spent 5 minutes and pulled down the blue & green channels in curves and think it helped with some of the color cast in the scene.

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Hi and welcome Gina. Glad you found us and hope that you have found your tribe. Being here for even as short a time as I have been has improved my photography definitively.

Hi Gina,

Welcome aboard, I feel certain you will enjoy it here.
Lot’s of very nice folks here with a bunch of experience in all aspects of photography including post processing, and we’re all eager to help. :slight_smile:

Just a note, if there’s something specific that you feel you’re needing a little help with (on any image you post), try to be fairly specific with what you need in the requested feedback section (for future posts where critique is desired).
Otherwise, just post an image for general feedback just to see how an image is received by others :slight_smile:

You can post this image again if you like.

Wonderful image, BTW and I really like your website along with the images you have there, nice work!! :slight_smile:

Hi Kristen, Thank you for the welcome. I do feel like I will find my tribe.

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Hi Mervin,
Yes I am looking forward to feedback on post processing as well as feedback on printing my images. I feel that printing is a different process in photography.

I have a few images I struggling with, so I intend to ask for specific feedback in the critique area.

It is always helpful to receive feedback, thank you.


Hi Gina, and welcome to NPN! I really like your introductory image and I forward to seeing more of your work and also to hearing your input on some other images. If you have any troubles or questions about the site don’t hesitate to reach out!

Welcome to NPN, Gina! You will find that we are a friendly community that loves sharing the beauty in nature photography. I hope you’ll be comfortable sharing your images for critique as well as offering critiques of other members’ photos. I really like the image you shared in your introduction. The gradual light changes and repeated patterns and lines are captivating and soothing.