Hi everyone, I'm Ken Evans, photographer and human being

I’m looking for a better online experience with my peers. This site was recommended to me by other landscape/nature photographers and after being dissatisfied with the lack of community and extreme homogeneity of fstoppers/500px/IG/etc.; I’m hoping for a better experience here. The attached image is a recent work . My site is www.kevansphotography.com

Welcome aboard, Ken. I think you will like it here. It is a friendly and helpful crowd. The site tends to give back what you put into it, so looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your thoughts on the work of others.

Hope you like it here, Ken. I like the pastel color sky and soft reflections on the ocean and the dark curls. But very much undecided on the dark shore. Lots on negative space, almost 50% of image, just seems too much and too dark for such a nice for a lightly toned sea and sunset image. Bringing up the shadows if they show some gold sands would be very fitting. Good luck to you.

Hey @Ken_Evans be most welcomed, i think you will enjoy NPN. This site is a relaxing place to learn and grow. Will find lots of excellent articles and posts with techniques and creative thinking. Also dive in the critique forum, i learn a lot reading critiques to other images and also getting some CC of my own.

Anything we can help please say so.

Thanks for the warm welcome Harley

Thanks for the warm welcome João.

Hi Stephon,

I appreciate your enthusiasm to critique but I wasn’t asking for a critique at this time. I was simply introducing myself and showing an example of my work. Good luck to you as well. Thanks .


Sorry, Ken I misunderstood the post.