Hi everyone, I'm Laurent.

I am an amateur nature photographer.
I am based in the south of France, in the region of Marseille and my playground is the wonderful area of the Calanques.

I love landscape, wildlife, macro.
I hike mostly every weekend, for sunrise or sunset, or both if I feel like it.

I shoot fujifilm (xt4) and process my images with lightroom.

I am looking forward to post my photos for critique and I hope to learn a lot from the community, both o the technical and artistic front.

I started recently an Instagram account under the moniker “shooting_daisies”.

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Bienvenue, Laurent. You’ll find NPN a very enjoyable place. Here you can share your photos, get honest and knowledgeable critiques on them, and also share your personal feedback and critique on other members’ photos. Welcome!

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Hi Laurent and welcome to NPN! :slight_smile:

What a fine first image to post!
I am a big fan of images like this, lots of details to enjoy and lots of elements to remind me of scenes I have seen in person.

I look forward to seeing more of South France landscapes, wildlife and the world in macro from your perspective. :slight_smile:

Pleasure to have you aboard!

Welcome to NPN Laurent! I must say that I really like the sun star in your introductory image – it looks great!

Hi Laurent! Welcome to the NPN community! That’s a very nice first post. I like the light and detail, and of course, the sun star. I’m looking forward to more of your images and your participation in the community.

Hi Laurent, welcome to NPN. I hope you will find out the same that I have, that this community is a great place to be to grow and evolve as a photographer by getting comments on posted images but also by giving comments on other members images.