Hi everyone. My name is Jim. I just received a gift membership for Christmas and am excited to be here.

I am from Webster, NY. I am primarily a nature photographer, but love exploring different places with my camera. I like taking close up images, abstracts, and trying creative ways to make my images more expressive. I am mostly self-taught and don’t have a close network of fellow photographers to interact with. I am looking forward to becoming involved with the NPN community, contributing what I can, and making new friends. Also very excited to take advantage of the other learning activities offered.

Hello Jim, and welcome to the NPN photographic community. Nice to hear about your recent gift membership and it can be an opening for you to learn as we all do with every image we capture & process to completion… :sunglasses:

Hi Jim and welcome to NPN. I think you’re going to really like it here!

Jim, welcome to this wonderful community of photographers. I think you will really enjoy the NPN community and learn and help others learn as well. Looking forward to seeing your images and critiques.

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Welcome welcome!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Welcome Jim! I hope you enjoy your gift year here! Looking forward to seeing your work!

Welcome! I trust we may see some good snow photos given the weather there this past month. You will find the group a supportive one and a great place to learn.

welcome aboard, Jim. I know you’ll get a lot out of our community and look forward to seeing your contributions as well.


Hi and welcome to NPN. Close ups and abstracts are two active categories here and I hope you will contribute to those and others as you go through your past and future photos. We are all at different experience levels and that’s what helps bring new perspectives to our work. Think of it as online workshopping - we’re here to learn and improve!

Hi Jim,

Welcome to NPN. It’s a great place to get feedback on you photographs and learn how to make them better.

BTW, I like the photo you posted with your introduction. Not only is it a photo of a fallen leaf, but also the environment that it has fallen into.

Thanks Youssef!