Hi from a butterfly macro fan!

Hi there. My name is Mike, and I live in Jinju, South Korea. I love taking photos of butterflies. I also keep my eye in through the winter by snapping birds. I’ve joined this group to learn (and offer critiques later). I’ve just bought a Nikon D500 having worn out 2 7100s. My beloved 105mm f2.8 Macro lens is still holding up well. For birds I’m using the Tamron 150-600. I live in the heart of the countryside, so most days I go out to see what’s afoot (or usually awing!). I guess my main reasons for taking photos are: a) I love it b) To capture the beauty of nature c) To keep a record of what could easily be lost later.

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Hi Mike! Welcome to NPN! Looking forward to seeing your butterfly photos, and anything else you care to post.

Welcome aboard! Oh the Nikon 105 macro - a fabulous lens. Looking forward to seeing what you put in front of it!