Hi. I am Lisa Flanagan. Hoping to learn some new tricks and techniques from everyone.

I have been shooting for about 14 years now. I will shoot almost anything and it’s hard to pick a favorite subject. I usually shoot what is available to me and often that is my backyard birds or squirrels. I love black and white photography and I play around with infrared. I am also a fan of Lenbaby.


Welcome to NPN, Lisa. What a beautiful image you used in your introduction! NPN is a friendly and welcoming community. I’m sure you’ll learn new tricks here. I also hope you’ll share some of your own tricks and critiques for other members’ photos. Welcome!

Hi Lisa,
Welcome to NPN. I hope you will enjoy this friendly community as much as I do.
I’m sure you will learn some new tricks here, and I am also sure that we will learn something from you.

That is a very beautiful first image. I love that tree.
Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Welcome to NPN! I found this community a few years ago and it has been a joy to participate here.

Beautiful image to start with, I hope to see more of you.

Thank you much!

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Thank you Jens!

Appreciate that Hans!

Hi Lisa and welcome to NPN. I love an isolated tree anytime, but especially in winter so your opening photo really stands out for me. I hope you will spend many a happy hour here contributing both new images and commentary on the others you see.

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Oooh, infrared. I’m intrigued.

Anyway, hope that helps and again, welcome to NPN. Oh and there are tools on the quoted text bubble to open the whole post that was quoted or take you to that post in the thread. The platform NPN runs on is full of little helpers like this.

Hi Lisa, welcome to NPN. What a gorgeous image. Simple yet elegant. I think this would make an excellent fine art print.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work, especially with a Lensbaby. Those are a lot of fun to play with.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy NPN as much as I do… it’s a great resource and community.

Lisa, welcome to NPN! I know that you have come to a great community of photographers where you may learn but also help others in the photographic journey. What a beautiful image you posted with your introduction! I sure could see that hanging on a wall. Again, welcome!

Hi Lisa and Welcome to NPN.

I for one have learned a lot from this community of friendly and experienced folks.
I’m always learning something new here, whether it be technical or something deeper (usually both).

I took the liberty of spending the past hour or so looking through your website and I am being modest when I say that your work is impressive and a joy to view! :slight_smile:

I also look forward to your participation (in any form you are comfortable with).

Welcome aboard, Lisa!

Thank you Shirley!

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Great Tip Kristen! Do you shoot infrared?

Great Capture. Love the B/W.

No problem, happy to help.
No infrared for me, but it can be interesting and I’ve faked it some with presets in Lightroom and had some nice results with it.

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Welcome to NPN Lisa! You’ve joined a great community and we look forward to your images and contributions! Looking forward to your participation!

Wonderful imagery on your site. Glad to have you here!


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Merv, thanks for taking the time to look at my site. It really is just for sharing as I am not a pro. I see your profile picture is a squirrel–such fun little critters!

You’re the first person to mention the squirrel profile image.
No reason for looking really close but if you do, you’ll see a bug at the entrance to his right ear.
That was done as part of a discussion on squirrels destroying our bird feeders, the idea (silly as it is) was that I put a “Bug in his Ear” to stay of my bird feeders! :slight_smile:

I use it as my profile image because people here have put a bug in “My” ear from time to time, letting me know how I can improve my photography in some way.

Yes, squirrels can be a ball to interact with and watch! I really like your series of squirrel images having tea, hanging laundry to dry, etc… What a fun set!
I think my personal favorite was the “Peanut Colada” stand… Good Price, Too! :laughing:

You have a very creative imagination :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa, and welcome to NPN! This is a wonderful first shot and I forward to seeing more of your work and to your input on other images.

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