Hi, I'm Brian

I’m Brian. Based out of Raleigh, NC. I’ve been doing photography for more than a decade. I prefer less common locations over tripod-ready icons. Far too often it now seems as if Landscape/Nature Photography is being treated as a competitive sport. Focused on the almighty 'Like."

I’d rather slow down and let the outdoor experience outweigh the image. So no sky swapping, AI, or heavy image editing. I barely know how to make a layer in Photoshop… but am well versed in Lighroom.

As a weekend warrior, I do plan dedicated photo-centric trips in advance. However, I’ll toss the schedule aside based on current weather conditions.

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Hi Brian. Welcome to NPN! A fine look at this flock of birds. Many around here share your philosophy about avoiding the competitive photography and the focus on social media. It is a friendly, helpful group. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and seeing your input on the work of others.

Hi Brian! Welcome to NPN! I’ve been here for a month and am fairly new to photography. This is a great community where I’m learning a lot. It seems like you have a lot of experience, so you’ll be a great contributor. I love this photo. Are they Trumpeter Swans?

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Hi and welcome. Nice to see another non-Big Game Photographer here. You’re in good company.

Brian, welcome to NPN. I do hope that you find this site to be all you hoped it to be. A nice image to help introduce yourself.

I live in NC too, just south of Fayetteville. I don’t get to travel right now, but certainly do love it. Our location puts us right between the Smokey Mountains and the beaches. Looking forward to seeing your images, and see if I recognize any of the places. Again, welcome to NPN.

Tundra Swans primarily (99%ish). A rare trumpeter or mute swans will find itself in the mix.