Hi. My name is Paul Larsen.

I’m a “seasoned” (that means old) amateur landscape and nature photographer based in northern Utah near the Great Salt Lake. I love landscape and nature photography, and also dabble in travel and street photography. I’m hoping to improve my craft through participation here.

Paul, welcome to NPN. I know you’ll get a lot out of this site. I too, am well-seasoned. :slightly_smiling_face:

What a wonderful first image post. That is just so awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work and to you contributions.


Paul, welcome to the NPN photographic community. Like David I too have lots of miles on me.
Your comment: “I’m hoping to improve my craft through participation here”.
It’s an ongoing quest for all of us who participate on the site. I find every next image is another step towards improving my own work.

BTW are you any relation to Jim & Linda Larsen also from that area of Utah?

Thanks David. I’ve heard about NPN for some time now, and finally decided to take the leap.


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Hi and welcome to NPN. There are a lot of us with a lot of miles here. We all keep growing and learning though and I hope you’ll find the interaction here valuable. Lovely opening scene - I especially like the far horizon barely visible behind the nearer bit.

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Welcome to NPN, Paul. What a lovely photo you chose to use for your introduction. The impressionistic mood I feel through your image is endearing. You have found a welcoming and friendly community here. Enjoy it, as I know we will enjoy seeing more of your work.


Hi Paul,
Welcome to NPN!
I hope you will enjoy this friendly community as much as I do.

That’s a very beautiful first image. I love the simplicity and the color contrast.
Can’t wait to see more of your work.


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Paul, I am so glad you took the leap and joined this great community of photographers. What a great photo you posted here with your intro. Looking forward to more in the future and I am sure you will be a help to the rest of us in your critiques as well. Welcome aboard!

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Hi Paul. I’m originally from Idaho, and to the best of my knowledge I’m not related to Jim and Linda. I wouldn’t rule that out, though. Thanks.

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Thanks. This is from a spot on the Great Salt Lake that is about a 45 minute drive from my home, 17 miles of that being on a pretty rough dirt road. It’s one of my favorite places both for photography and for just enjoying solitude.

Welcome to NPN Paul! Great to have you here. We look forward to your images and participation in the galleries and forums.


Hello Paul and welcome to NPN,

I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy all the friendly, helpful and skilled folks here.

Don’t hesitate to ask for anything including help with navigating the site if needed.

This is a really nice introduction image! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Something to know about this image is that it was made during blue hour just before sunrise and just before moonset. The color in the moon resulted from the low angle of the moon and the accumulation of smoke from western wildfires. There’s no processing magic here. Just “f8 and be there”.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to what I can learn here.

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Thanks! Looking forward to learning.

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