High Toned Scene

I decided to use a different approach to this fog scene, one that isn’t very popular these days. In fact, there are so few interpretations like this now days that my son didn’t know what to make of it. “What? You like this?”. The memory still brings a smile.

Anyway, it’s a change of pace if nothing else.


Igor, what I like about these type of scenes is it challenges the viewer to really “look” hard to see the the subtle shapes and muted colors. I like your choice of the cooler white balance in this scene.

I don’t know what you did to process it, but I like it. I don’t have any nits or suggestions.

This is quite luminous, Igor. I would like to see a wee bit more detail in the three central trees, but this works nicely as presented. Very mystical.

I’m not sure what “forgotten” technique you are referring to here Igor, but whatever you did works pretty well for me. At first glance, I thought this was too diffuse, too high key, but after a few seconds of looking at the larger image my eyes adjusted and more detail started to appear. The WB is warm, but that’s the way this scene might appear as the sun finally starts to cut through the fog. I like this very much, it looks great as presented, high key, diffuse works really nice here.

This has nothing to do with the image per-se, but I’m not sure a white border is quite as effective with an image this high key, it may be part of the reason I initially thought it was too high key, to some degree I think the white border competes a bit too much with an image this high key.


Firstly, this is a beautiful redwoods in the fog image. I particularly like the coolness (as in WB) of the upper fog combined with the warmth of the limey-green bows - almost like new or spring growth. I like very much the softness of the details which go hand in hand with the foggy conditions.

I want to say such a great job on a “classic” scene, but am perplexed actually by the commentary. I know I’m very literal, analytical and often don’t get deeper meaning things, but am clueless as to What is “unpopular these days” and what is the interpretation that is so uncommon? Maybe your title of “High Toned” is a clue. I think I see that this may be processed with higher tones, but I don’t perceive this as even remotely close to high-key (my introduction of the term.) I mention classic merely to say that I don’t see, or can’t tell any unique, different or unpopular technique or approach was used. And the good news is, I’m enjoying the output regardless of the answer to any of these questions…

One tiny nit/suggestion would be to clone out the dark spec in the tree left of center. Otherwise, I think this is quite simply, an amazing photograph.


I quite like this, Igor. The fog creates a great mood of mystery and serenity. No suggestions here, I am just really enjoying the view.

@Igor_Doncov I really enjoyed this image. The organization of the trees for the composition paired with the backlighting and fog is really pleasant. It was mentioned already but there is maybe a dust spot or something on the tree left of center but that’s not a critique. Great image!

Fantastic image, Igor. Well done. I’ve made several attempts at processing a similarly foggy image, only to have unsatisfactory results. Now I know it can be done well.

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Nice one! I love how the image is almost not there, if you know what I mean. It really bring across the feeling of being in fog.

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Thank you for your comments on this image. They are/were very much appreciated.