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Autumn in Sila National Park. Oct 2018


Very nice shot! Clean, simple, peaceful. This is the type of shot that I feel like businesses would like to have in their offices.

Thank you so much. Happy you think this :slight_smile:

Antonio, this is all about light for me. The creek leads me through the composition and anchores it as well to my eye. Finally, the reflection of the trunk just makes the difference for me! Thanks for sharing.


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You have a real talent for photography Antonio and especially for these so called small-landscape scenes . Looking forward to seeing more of your exceptional postings. It is all about invoking some memory or a felling which you never fail to do (at least for me :slight_smile: )
With this one, I can almost hear the bells on the sheep grazing peacefully nearby while the shepherd and its dog are having a well deserved snack sitting just outside the picture frame.

There’s a wonderful reality about this image that wants me to be there instantly. Looks a lot like the places here in the Austrian Alps. A real “feel good” image. I love it.

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Many thanks Peter, for your wonderful analysis :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your kind words. Happy you like it. I like to isolate myself in these places and become one with them.

Many thanks Andreas. I love Austrian Alps :slight_smile:

Beautiful, warm and inviting! I really like this.

Gorgeous! Can’t express it any more simply than that!

Thank you Tom. This is a beautiful place

Many thanks Lon. I’m happy that you like it

Serene and warm. Ron

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Thank you Ron :slight_smile: molto gentile :wink:

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