Honey Hollow Falls 2

When is the best time to shoot a vertical? Right after shooting a horizontal !!

Here is a second shot from Honey Hollow Falls Vermont, taken the same day as my prior post. This vertical image is more about the flow of the water, rather than the color and texture of the rock walls of the gorge which was the emphasis of the horizontal.

To shoot this falls straight on, you have to climb up on a large rock outcrop that puts you about 20 to 30 feet away from the falls, and roughly level with where the water starts to drop. The water actually drops about 55 feet, not all of it is shown here in the vertical. The water then hits bottom and takes a 90 degree turn to the left, because it runs into the rock wall of the gorge that you are standing on to shoot the main falls from. The stream then continues down the gorge for a few hundred feet, and has pools that are popular with fly fisherman.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critique and comment is welcome.


Ed, I really enjoy this version. The wider was lovely, but I think I like putting larger emphasis on the water. Even with the larger portion of the frame taken up by water, it still provides depth back to the forest behind.

No true nits to my eye. If I was stretching, you might consider darkening down the UL corner to further direct the eye from LL to UR. But again, I’m not sure that’s necessary.

Thanks for sharing!

This looks really good, but I am favoring the horizontal version (I tend to prefer horizontals, so I am a bit biased). Both stand on their own and both look quite nice.

I like the vertical Ed. For me, it puts the emphasis on the stream. Truly gorgeous photo.

Hard to choose which version I prefer as each emphasizes a different element in the scene. The horizontal showcases the rock walls and forest while the vertical emphasizes the water flow a bit more. If I had to pick I would probably go for the horizontal as I seem to prefer them anymore. Bottom line is that you can not go wrong with either one.

The horizontal is a stronger comp. The water here seems to compete with what’s above the falls. I just feel that the water is not as well integrated with the rest in this comp.

I missed the horizontal version of this scene but this vertical is certainly dynamic. The spring greens and the shutter speed you used look great.

Did you use a policing filter in the field? There seems to be some glare on the foreground rocks.

@Ed_Lowe @Harley_Goldman @Igor_Doncov @Nathan_Klein @Adam_Bolyard @linda_mellor
thank you all for taking the time to comment on the image, I appreciate your thoughts. I actually prefer the horizontal myself, because I think the colors and texture of the walls of the gorge are are one of the best things about this falls, and the horizontal plays up that aspect. But the vertical is a decent shot too. Nathan, I did use a polarizing filter here (which i always do when shooting waterfalls of rainy days), the sheen on the rock is a highlight that l needs to be burned down. The sun was starting to poke out, and the highlight may be from that.