House Sparrow gathering nest material

They were all over our garden this morning. Good exercise for our New Mexico trip in a week. Attached is may favorite.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Nikon D500, Nikkor AF-S 500mm f4D ED, TC14 II, Gitzo Tripod, MH200 head, 1/1600 f5.6, ISO 320


What a terrific catch. I love birds with beaks full of stuff. Makes them wish for pockets I think. House sparrows rarely get love since they’re so ubiquitous. My husband calls them dirt sparrows because they hang out in dirty parking lots so often. This is a much prettier environment and it looks like nesting is well underway!

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You mean as ubiquitous as humans ?! lol

We are in breeding season here in south Texas. Lots and lots of birds. From hummingbirds to bald eagles, you name it. It is awesome. I love it.

Thanks Kristen.


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Love those markings. Gorgeous bird and great photo.

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