How to make an Impression! (Great Blue Heron)



I photographed this great blue heron last Spring during the height of the nest building season. The rookery is located on an island and the herons fly back and forth returning with impressive sticks for the nest.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Do you think that I could remove some negative space on the right?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

D850 600mm f4 (1/2000sec at f8.0, ISO 1250) Levels, White Balance +Blue adjustment, Topaz DeNoise, Crop for comp, removed orphan branches in loer RH corner.


Boy I love watching them at rookeries here in CT. For some reason I didn’t make it this Spring. Great background, beautiful light on the bird and fine detail too Jim. I like the inclusion of the tree tops, which add to the story. Funny how the blue herons come in a variety of shades.

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Hi Jim
I like the framing of this Great Blue Heron. Like Jim Lockhart I have spent some time in the Portland rookery and this photograph brings right back there. Nice work Jim

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Nice action frame. The upward lift of the heron is nice.

I would not remove any negative space on the right. Looks fine as presented.

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Thank you @Jim_Lockhart , @peter , and @Keith_Bauer for your critiques and to the Editor’s for the EP…Jim

Great catch, technically wonderful! For me, the visual weight is uncomfortably close to occupying half the frame, so I could see taking a little off the right. There is enough room to preserve the aspect ratio by removing a little from the top and bottom. You might consider pruning the two branch tips coming in from the left edge.

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I’m pretty happy with the current composition. The light is what makes this image work for me.

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Nice action shot indeed, and I wouldn’t remove any of the negative space on the right hand side. Cheers, and congrats on the EP! Hans

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