How to tag a post type

I just finished posting an image in the Landscape Gallery. I wanted to tag the image with a type, type_astronomical, but when I typed it in, the site just showed no matches and would not allow it as a tag. Are we only allowed to use the image types that the site allows?

That is correct, you can only use tags that we have created, if you feel something is missing please send me a message. There is a tag called type_nightscape

ah, it says ‘create’ under tags but i guess one cannot. missing hawaii region btw :wink:

How about “Pacific Islands”, or “Pacific Ocean”?

I’ve added a pacific islands tag :+1:

Hi, David. Is there a tag for the Weekly Challenge? I’m apparently overlooking it.


Hi Terry,

If you create the topic in the Weekly Challenge category, then there will be a list of tags you can select from, for example this week it is 944-wallpaper

Give it another try and let me know if you have any trouble!

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Ahhhhh…that’s too easy, David!! Thanks!


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