A detail of a secular beech in the Sila National Park, Italy


Wow, perfect. The toning is superb.

Truly very nice Antonio.

Beautiful tree! I really like how the branches lead to the leaves patch and the darker trunk.

beautifully composed image, exquisite detail and soft tones

Thank u very much at all :slight_smile:

This is indeed a great piece of art for me, Antonio. The complementing colors and the interplay of all the diverse structures and textures keep me exploring the whole composition for a long time. I think it is my top favorite of your images shown here so far.


Thank you Peter, thanks for your beautiful message

Beautiful work of art. Emotionally evocative

thank you very much :slight_smile:

The high key exposure and graphic nature of this photo is impressive. Great work!

Wonderful image! I like the white branches superimposed over the dark trunks and the way the branches push my eye into the vortex of yellow leaves.

Thank u very much Ricard and Chris :slight_smile:

I have been looking at the large version of this for awhile and I’m really drawn into this image. It is an amazing image beautifully crafted.

Thank u very much Nick. I glad your like