I Spy

Two cubs and mother polar bear (Ursus maritimus) hide behind a snow berm, occasionally peeking up to keep an eye on the photographer. They mostly peeked up individually, or sometimes in pairs so it took a little patience to get them all in one shot.

EF 70-200mm +2x @ 400mm; f/11 @ 1/125 sec.,-1 EV, !SO 100


Bob, a truly wonderful image here. I love the cubs doing a bit of peek-a-boo over the snow dune. Your patience paid off big time on this one featuring the mother and cubs bobbing up for a look see. Excellent…:+1::+1:

Thank you, Paul. Those two little guys were so much fun to watch. They were extremely photogenic and I was able to catch them, with and without their mother, in some very nice poses.

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How perfectly cute! Your patience definitely paid off.

Thank you, Bonnie. Divine intervention, I believe.

This is really a fun take, Bob. I have sometimes noticed that even the wildest, tinyest and most skittish ceatures eventually let curiosity get the best of them and take a peek, likely part of survival instinct I suppose. Great that your patience paid off.

Very interesting, story-telling image, love the curiosity level of cubs while mother is interested in something else.

This is just way too cute, Bob! Love that the cubs are just peaking up enough that we only see from eyes up. Your patience really did pay off.

Thank you Bill, Jagdeep and Shirley. Mom is looking for food. The cubs are distracted by the photographer and the gigantic eye (lens) staring at them.

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I love this image. The 2 cubs peaking over the top is just great. You caught a wonderful moment. Thanks for posting.

Thank you, Roni. Great fun waiting for them to all be visible at the same time.