ICM Landscape - no title

I’m trying to be less shy in submitting images to critiques. Thus, as I’ve already used the search function to know about abstract’s landscapes here in NPN, I wish to submit one pic taken with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) at a lake. Abstract is also one ot the way I choose to look at landscape, the mood to emphasize my feelings. Sorry, but I’m not used to title my photos.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Different viewing crop.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Color balance and feelings about colors and soft mood.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

No composite, singlo ICM shoot in camera. Nikon D610, Tamrom 70-300 f4-5.6 VC at 300mm, 1/10 sec f/11 iso 100.

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Matteo, I’m glad to see that you posting this ICM image, there is no need to feel shy about submitting images for critique. I think everyone here is genuinely interested is providing helpful and thoughtful feedback.

This ICM abstract definitely has an interesting mood to it. The feathery look of the trees in the water somewhat reminds me of how long exposures look on the wings of flying birds. That’s the great thing about abstracts, they leave room for interpretation by the viewer. The blue colors do create a somber mood.

The shoreline of the lake leaves me with mixed feelings. I like the row of yellow trees acting as a frame along the top edge. But the horizontal band created by the shoreline is a minor distraction to me. I think it’s because the trees are vertical lines, and the band is a horizontal line that competes for attention. I think the image would have more simplicity without sharp-ish banding along the shoreline. Maybe you could try some blurring in Photoshop to soften the sharpness on the banding lines.

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Matteo - thanks for sharing and posting this image. I really enjoy ICM images, whether multiple exposures of long exposures such as this. To my eye, the direction and shutter speed look to be spot on and I very much enjoy the soft lines created. Not sure I woulda thought to ICM this type of scene, but I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t change your crop - I like as is. Your color and luminosity management are very pleasing and to me, this is a brighter cheerful image due to its high-key nature.

@Ed_McGuirk makes a good point about the sharpish horizontal band being a distraction and I would be tempted to manage that if possible. I think he made some good suggestions.

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I am a fan of ICM and I am enjoying this one. I really like the soft color and the dark contrasting trees. I do agree the upper horizontal shoreline is a bit distracting, but this image still works quite well for me.
As alternate crops I might look at cropping about half of the empty space to the right of the right tree. Also a square crop from the right cropping off the right tree entirely. These may not be better just different. They may also take some of the emphasis off of the longer horizontal shore line.

I like the ethereal glow your image has Matteo. I agree with Ed and Alan about the sharp shoreline. Over all I like your high key approach and overall mood it conveys.

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Thanks so much for your time! First of all I realize I never focused on the horizontal line as I recognized it as part of the landscape and I was quite sure about a relation between horizontal and vertical lines, but it could be a good idea to trying out a little variation (I’m training with Photoshop in deep and can try to soften the shoreline).
I’m happy about your appreciation about the mood of soften and high-key, as it was graet guideline for this shoot.

Congratulations on stepping outside of your comfort zone to post this image, @matteo_negri. It’s a good image and you will learn a lot from the comments. All of us have done it and have never regretted it. Over time, you will feel excited to post images for critique because doing so helps you grow and you will appreciate the experience of this community.

Regarding the image, I have a particular appreciation and fondness for ICM. I shoot a lot of it. In this image I like the blurred softness of the dark elements that contrast with the lighter background. I especially like the soft blue color. It is soothing.

In this composition, the horizontal line of the far lake shore is dissonant and inconsistent in form with everything else in the composition. I generally like to avoid elements that run parallel to the frame edges; this image illustrates how that conflicts with the other elements in the composition.

I wonder if you could have elevated yourself from where this was made to entirely avoid including the distant shore in the image. The tree elements would then be isolated against the lake reflection.

Hope to see more images from you!

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Exactly my feeling Matt, but you said it better than I did .

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