Icy reflections

On a cool, sunny day in late November, I found my favorite pond at the local Wildlife refuge here in Maryland with a mix of ice and water reflecting some very late fall color. This is an 8 shot stack for top to bottom sharpness. (5D3, 100-400@278, f/16, 1/15s, iso 200, tripod and cable release)

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is beautiful, Mark. Enjoying the lines and shapes that the ice makes, and the pretty fall color reflections. I sure can’t think of anything you could do to improve this.

Lovely abstract Mark. I like the lines and textures. Great find.

Nature’s stained glass window looking really good, Mark. No suggestions here.

Nice reflection of all the fall colors and the ice geometric shapes accentuate the design. Good eye to see this and a pleasure to view for me. Thanks for posting it.

Mark, You did an excellent job spotting this and then getting this composition. The large version is just super cool. Don’t really know what would improve it so good as is for me.

Mark, really great lines, angles and texture. The 8 shot stack looks really sharp.
No nits from me!

Thought this one might belong to you, Mark. Very cool…nice icy fracture lines in the thin ice and good colors. Nicely done.

Ice patterns and fall color, now theres a combination you don’t see very often. I love the contrast between the blue ice and the warm fall colors Mark, this is very unusual. You are the mast of these ice pattern shots, very well done image. The focus stack does a great job getting the necessary sharpness. Outstanding work :+1: :+1:

Fabulous image Mark! I’m with Harley in having the impression of a stained glass window. The stack is executed beautifully here. No nits or suggestions.

Inspiring! Now, if I only had an icy pond in the back yard…


Ice is really amazing in all its shapes. The lines here are grea! Nice touch of autumn in the reflection.

Very cool find, Mark. This is a gorgeous display of lines, shapes and color. Reminds me of stained glass. The focus stack looks great, no suggestions from me.