ID Please?

This little guy or girl has been hanging around the yard. Not shy at all, lets me get pretty close, unless I have camera in hand. Very curious. This shot was taken from inside my kitchen through a glass door. Can anyone identify? I’m not good on these little birds. Ive looked online and thought it was a chickadee but though the behavior is similar to a chickadee, the markings don’t seem to match.

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Kathy. Nice shot of this little guy - particularly through the window! I believe that is a Say’s Phoebe. Nice catch!

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Kathy, I can’t help you with the ID of this little guy/gal, but you sure captured a nice image of it. Wonderful details, with a nice smooth background. I shoot through the window a lot when the birds are around (this has been an off year), and I find that it is a wonderful blind. You don’t have to have the windows sparkling clean, as the camera is focusing on the subject, and ignores minor dust/dirt on the windows. Great shot. I just love the pose he gave you, with the slight head turn.

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Hi Terry. Thanks for the ID. I looked online and my little bird definitely matches the description. I think he might be a juvenile. I have watched him fly catching , although I did not realize what he was doing until now. He seems to have decided that this is his home base.

Very nice pose by a cute little bird. It looks very sharp with good detail. I’ve never had good results shooting thru glass so for those times when you might have a choice to have it open, it could pay to do some careful comparisons. As nearly as I can see, it would be a fledgling, as it appears the gape is not yet healed. (That’s the area analogous to the corners of the mouth that lets them open so wide to be fed in the nest. It goes away some time after they are fledged.)

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You’re welcome. The flycatchers are fun to watch. I also have a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher that performs in the same way, often flying out from his perch to catch a meal. Glad he’s found a happy home!

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Well done. I like the pose and nice contrast with the bright bg. It often seems hard to id birds this time of year especially with the new birds. Certainly cannot tell this was taken thru a glass door.

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