Ignoring the prey

At times, when tigress is not in the hunting mode…

Pertinent technical details or techniques: 5D 4; 500 mm; ISO 640; 1/640 sec. at F 4.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Jagdeep, I’d be curious to see more from this sequence. There’s a lot to like here. The (spot)lighting on the tiger, the audience on both sides, and the forest setting are all wonderful.

But it’s a tough composition, since you were at the mercy of the placement of the animals. I feel the empty back third of the image hurts you a bit (one more deer standing on the right would have been perfect, wouldn’t it?).

So I’m curious if you came away with any other images in the sequence you were happy with, perhaps offering some different spacing between the tiger and the foreground/background deer.


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I like it;even the placement of the deer. Light is wonderful.

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This is lovely, Jagdeep. Very lovely. I wish the tigress is a little further back so the spotlight would hit the head but that’s really nitpicking. I can see the direction that @Max_Waugh is suggesting but I think it’s lovely even as presented.

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Thanks friends!
Max Waugh: The picture of Spotted Deers I posted on June 23rd, belongs to this sequence.
I’ll go back to Raw folder and check, if I can add something as per your expectations. There could be one or two frames, but then road came into the picture.