Im getting hungry, but the light is too nice

This is a rework of an image made on Cadillac Island, Bar Harbor, Me. several years ago.

Specific Feedback Requested

How do the sky, clouds, and fog look? What improvements would you make to the image?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/15th sec, f16 at ISO 320

The light looks gorgeous, Larry. I think you could have a little more contrast to the sky so there is a little more separation between the light and the dark in the clouds, especially the areas to the right of that hill in the BG. I will also suggest cleaning up the lower left corner area.

Thanks, @Adhika_Lie . I will work on the contrast. I was wondering if that shape in the LLC was a distraction? I agree; it should be eliminated. Thanks again. Larry


Here’s another. Thanks.

The difference is quite subtle but I think the third iteration is the best.

Larry, It’s actually Cadillac Mountain , not Cadillac Island, although with this fog it somewhat looks like an island :smile:

The light here is simply gorgeous, that shaft of light on the granite is amazing. With this light and fog most photographers would not have devoted this much real estate to the foreground. But I think your composition really works well here, the rocks create some nice layers of depth, and as I said that one shaft of light is very dramatic. Well done Larry.

My only suggestion for a tweak to the last rework would be to add some de-haze to the fog, to create a bit more definition.

Thanks, Ed. I don’t know what was in me when I called this Cadillac Island - of course, I know it is mountain. I appreciate the correction, but I value your compliment on the image more. I will work on dehazing the fog. Thanks again.

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Larry, I like the fact that you decided to try a less conventional composition here, one that placed more emphasis on the foreground granite, and less on the view out to the ocean. The light shaft on the granite is great, and is worth emphasizing in a composition like yours. To me, Acadia is just as much about its rocks as it is about the ocean. I find the rocks and lichen on the summit of Cadillac to be a fascinating place to photograph. Of course almost every time that I’ve tried to shoot golden hour from this viewpoint, there have been dozens or tourists wandering into my shot. What did you do to scare them away? :laughing: