In a Row & repost

I’ve passed these trees (I think they’re a type of Birch) on my bike rides since the summer and have always wanted to get a picture. So I finally strapped my camera bag on my back and it poured for most of my ride! The next day I tried again and I got some clouds over the hills. I just wish the train wasn’t there. There’s always either box cars or these oil tank parts of a train in the way. So I changed it to black and white thinking it might help…

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the black and white work? What about the train ? Any other advice always welcome and appreciated!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 100
Convert to black and white, adjusted exposure, highlights, shadows to bring out clouds more. repaired graffiti and a stop sign


Hi Vanessa,

I think we’ve all had those times when passing by a scene many times, perhaps over years… and then finally deciding to quit thinking about it and actually get out the camera! I certainly think this is a scene worth exploring even further.

I like what you’ve seen here and I think that line of trees is wonderful. I’m guessing the clouds drew enough interest to include them in the larger, landscape view. The train cars aren’t a bother, they are part of the landscape. In fact I rather like the one solitary care posed in front of the line of trees.
Overall the processing is a bit dark and I think the sky cold use a bit more contrast - more whites in the clouds/more contrast (on the other hand, the lower contrast sky isn’t taking away from the trees… so there’s that.)

Is the vignetting added? Or from the lens? for me anyway, the vignetting is a little strong - especially how it darkens the trees in the LLC (lower left corner).

I think these trees, and even the possibility of different train cars (engines), have GREAT potential for further exploration. I’m wondering, and I suspect, that there is a fence line, or two, between you and the trees? I see many possibilities if you can get in for a closer view.

I think the b&w choice was a good one. I think though given you’re saying the trains are always there - well, go with it and simply work them in.


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@Lon_Overacker Hi Lon! Thank you, so much for your feedback and time!

I did add the vignette to give it an old fashioned look, but I guess I got carried away! I’m going to repost without it and also show you the original color version…

Oh! To answer your question about a closer view… It’s a farm field between me and the trees. I rode down a dead end road to see if I could get closer but it’s private property. I have ridden my bike on the other side of the tracks but after the fact found out that it’s not legal! So I think that’s the best I can do. But there are other stands of these trees, so I’m trying other things as well! :slight_smile: