In the old days we might say here is a Kodachrome 64 look, now its Nik ColorEfex 5

This Blue was shot on the bank of the Ct River on Aug. 2, at 9:32 AM. Because the Heron is backlight and there is a high kick off the CT. River, I used the Nik Color Efex Pro 5 to tone down the river, add contrast and a reflector to the photograph.
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Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-500mm & 1.4ext, f10, 700mm, 1/1600, +1.7EV, ISO 2500. The shot was cropped by 25% in DXO Photo Lab 5, then send to Nik Color Efex 5, were I used a colored Deflector, Pro Contrast and Tool Contrast filters.

I like the lighting you had and you did a fine job on the processing, Peter.

Those tools you use really help with achieving a nice balance of tones through the image. Does “high kick” mean lots of highlights and brightness? If so, I only know how to reduce those in Lightroom, and it doesn’t turn out so well for me, turning highlights to a dull, grayish white. So your adjustments look really good, Peter. I love these great birds.

Hi Dennis & Mark
Thank for the comments. The term high kick refers to bright light shining off a surface. Sorry too many years in broadcasting. In the Color Efex 5 setting I used, there is adjustable ND filters. They can be moved off center and adjusted on two sides.

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Nice composition. Good pose and detail and I think the green vegetation adds to the image.