In The Spotlight


Description: I’ve been recovering from a hip replacement and from some tough months in my practice so I’ve not had much time to spend with the camera or NPN for quite a while. I got out with Chrissy to go to Lowes yesterday and we ended up bringing these coneflowers home. I liked the way the light was filtering through the trees in our front yard so I knocked the dust off the camera and managed to get in a few shots. While I was set up on the flower this little hoverfly crashed the party, thank you very much. All comments welcome. >=))>

Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/50 @ f11


Welcome back, Bill. Love the beautiful soft lighting and the colors. The hover fly is a nice touch, as you say, thank you very much!

Welcome back, Bill! So good to see your post and to hear that you were able to get out to Lowes with Chrissy. Looking forward to seeing more of your post. Nice capture of this little guy on the coneflower.

This is simply gorgeous – subject, colors, composition and light!! I’ve been missing your posts and hoping all was well! All the best wishes for your recovery!

hey Bill glad you see you out and about and that you still know how to operate that thing you put to your face and press buttons on! The light is pretty darn lickable here. Really brings out the three dimensionality of the coneflower. The deer eat ours so I don’t bother feeding them anymore. Keep doing your PT and I hope things get better all around - health and jobwise.

Nice photo Bill, I am glad to see you posting again. The lighting came out very well and the focus was amazing. The title of the post is well fitted as that small fly is in the spotlight.

Hi Bill, The fly perched in the middle of the highlights is a nice focal point but everything in the image has lots of interest, and the colors are great!
Very pleasing image!

I hope you re doing well! :slight_smile:

All the best,