Incoming Gull

I spent the morning on a jetty waiting for sea ducks to fly by. They never showed up, but the incoming tide had the gulls and Brants frequently rearranging.

In post, I just straightened the horizon and burned the blacks a bit.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 2500 (definitely shoul’ve decreased my ISO)


HI Lyle
The shot makes me think of the sun setting worm summer day. Thank you it is 31 and cloudy here in Ct.

A very cool image, Lyle. Very creative and given the silhouettish nature of the image, the iso probably didn’t matter. If you were lower, you’d probably have ended up with a more conventional looking silhouette and we would have missed this.

Good eye and very creative Lyle. You certainly worked the light. Love that nice warm beach light, splash, gull and waves in bg.

Hi Lyle, really creative image. Love all the different plays on light you are showing us here. The water splashes with highlights are really terrific. Very well done IMO and a unique image.

Agree with Dennis about the ISO. I don’t see how increasing it would have helped.

Very nicely done - the splashes add a lot ! Congrats on the EP ! Cheers, Hans