Indian Cobra

My first meeting with the India’s most revered and feared reptile. I never expected to see it though I assumed that it will be there hid in the bushes and waiting to come out to get some warm sun light. The weather was cloudy.

ISO 400
Nikon 3200
Sigma 150-500

I got a small window to shoot it, and also it was not a good angle but thought I would share this moment with you all.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Glad it was you so close to this guy and not me. Looks like a clown face on the back of his head.

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Thank you, for a second I was startled when I saw it, even after expecting it somewhere. It has that effect on you.

Couldn’t you coax him to turn around and smile?:rofl:

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I am happy with what I got… Maybe he will be kind enough to show his face next time…

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