Infrared Photography

I was wondering everyone’s feelings on Infrared Photography? I got an old camera converted almost a year ago and I’m really enjoying it. With so little time of great lighting in the morning and evening it gets me out to shoot in the middle of the day when the light is too harsh for me to want to shoot regular landscapes. I am interested to see if anyone else dabbles in infrared.

David, although I do not do IR photography there are times I like seeing the results if done right. I’m a follower of Steve Onions from the UK and he does some nice work with IR…:sunglasses:

I’m sorely tempted. Our photo companion in Florida has spent a lot of time and effort developing the skills and the eye, and it shows. Most telling and compelling is shooting in the Everglades with him. Oh my…

@Paul_Breitkreuz I’ll have to check Steve out I’m not familiar with his work.

@Hank_Pennington I’m sure the everglades is an amazing spot to shoot IR, you have leaves on the trees year round. I got my camera in the winter so I was dying for spring to try it out.