Inner Nasturtium and re-post

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII; Canon 100 mm macro; 0.8 seconds f20; -1/3 EV; ISO 100; tripod


Wow! This is really unique. I love Nastursums as well. Very very cool!

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Allen, this is beautiful. I love how the yellow center is encircled by the red pedals. I feel like I am being really picky here, but I am seeing some tiny little sliver of blue in the right lower petal area against the yellow. I am not familiar with this flower, but I see it no where else, so it feels like it doesn’t belong there. This is an outstanding flora image as presented.

Magnificent. I would do a square frame with the yellow area in the center.

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Thanks, Shirley. I thought I had caught those the first time around, but in correcting this I saw some other odd colors-not sure why they’re there. Here’s a re-post .

You are welcome. It wasn’t that much, so it is amazing when something so tiny, but different than the rest of the image, calls attention. Nice fix.

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Allen, this is an outstanding view deep into this nasturtium. I’m thoroughly enjoy all of the “spikey bits” including the dark lines on the left.

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Gorgeous colors. Love the yellows surrounded by the reds and the details of all the inner structures. Really stands out.

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Allen: :thinking: On my monitor I’m not really seeing the stuff Shirley mentioned. I love the subject and all the little fine details in the center. I would be tempted to crop this to close to 5:4 to push the yellow a little away from the center and to emphasize the right to left flow of the image. Back to you. >=))>


Beautiful, Allen. I really like the original post, but I have to admit, that Bill’s crop looks very good, though the colors came back a bit gaudier than I’d care for in his version. A unique way of looking at this flower and extremely well photographed.

Stunning image. Talk about impact! No suggestions for improvement from me.

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A dandy image. It a real eye catcher with those bright colors. I can understand cropping a bit differently but either way works for me.

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Hi Allen,

Your original is pretty impressive, but go with Bill’s version if you like more pop. You did well coming in closer for this spectacular view…Jim

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