Install Nature Photographers Network?

Team NPN,

I noticed today the banner “Do you want to install Nature Photographers Network on this device” that popped up today.

Is this intended for phones, tablets? or are we installing a new app on our PC/Mac? Do I need to click on this? I’m on Windows 10, Chrome.

Also, timing wise, looks like the thumbnaiils are gone in galleries.

Inquiring minds… Thanks!


Hi Lon,

This only applies to Chrome and is mainly meant for chromebooks I believe. I think all it does is add a link to your homepage but I will have to dig in more, I don’t think it will be a real benefit to most folks.

I did notice the thumbnail issue and have reported it to the developers, the thumbnails still work if you go to the main page and use Latest or New, they just don’t work in categories for the moment, hope to have a fix very soon!

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Thanks David for the response!

FYI the notification was only meant to be seen on mobile devices, this will be fixed soon as well.

Thanks, David, for the info on the thumbnails problem - it has been puzzling. Hope not too much trouble to fix.

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