Into The Mist-ic

Apologies to the GOAT for sort of stealing his song title. With a forecast for rain, Ed and I had high hopes for some nice foggy conditions in Shenandoah National Park. And man, did we get fog. 90 % of the park was so soupy you could cut it with a knife. Driving was probably 4 min per mile.
Luckily every so often with change in elevation we could see down into the valleys. And we proved the old adage that a tripod draws people like moths to a flame. When we stopped at this overlook, there was only one other car here. Within minutes we were surrounded by people getting as close as they could get with their cellphones out trying to shoot what we were shooting.
And there’s always a couple or group that wants you to take their picture since we’re so called “professionals”. But I didn’t mind, because the group was so nice and very appreciative, that they must have thanked me ten times before they got into their vehicle to leave. That makes it worthwhile.

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That is a beautiful image, Mike. Wow, I could meander around it for hours. Plus your processing is spot on perfect.

And thanks for the heartwarming story.

I love how the fog looks like steaming coming out of the forest. There is a lot of depth here and it makes the image for me. The two pine trees stand out like beacons. I think I could see a version of this with a little bit of increase in overall midtones. But that’s just me.

Beautiful work Michael. You really hit it out of the park with this one. IMO the 50-50 comp work because the break is at an angle and also because it’s really not abrupt.

What a wonderful fall color image this is, Michael. Great color and love what that fog does. Beautiful capture!

Gorgeous – you deserved the accolades of the adoring crowd! I’m holding my fist up to the screen and thinking about a little toning down of the two trees in the FG, because I want to get past them (lovely as they are) and be a bird sailing into that wonderful fog.

It’s funny and sometimes flattering the reactions a serious photography setup brings.

Drop dead gorgeous, Michael. Can’t imagine changing anything. Thanks for sharing the back story. Fun stuff.

Gee this looks familiar, I wonder where I’ve seen this before? :crazy_face: All kidding aside this is beautifully done, Mike. I have to say that you handled the hordes of people stopping and getting in our way better than I did. I guess that by the end of the day I had had enough of having my space invaded! I will have to get you to show me how you processed this as I like your version better than mine. I have no suggestions as I love all the details and shades of color throughout the scene and the fog is the icing on the cake.

Beautifully composed and processed Mike, it doesn’t get much better than this. The arrangement of trees is perfect, and I love the diagonal line that bisects the image. This would make a wonderful print, there is a lot to appreciate here.

A great autumn image. The colors and fog are of course great, but I also like the diagonal pattern.

Late to the party on this one Michael but I had to tell you how much you just nailed the composition on this as well as the processing. And, I just love the dead tree on the right and of course the foggy, moody, atmospheric conditions. Was Ed holding the umbrella for you???